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  • git remote add <remote-name> <remote-repo-url>
    Add another remote for current git branch and name it with given name remote-name

  • git remote rename <original-name> <new-name>
    Rename remote original-name to new-name

  • git config branch.<branch-name>.remote <remote-name>
    Set the default remote of branch branch-name to remote-name, this command will generate below segment in .git/config:

[branch "<branch-name>"]
    remote = <default-remote-name>
    merge = refs/heads/master

File .git/config is used to store branches and remotes information for a git repository.

  • git push <remote-name> [branch-name]
    Push branch branch-name (If not specified, default is current branch) to remote remote-name.

  • git branch -D <branch-name>
    Remove branch
  • git branch -m <orginal-name> <new-name>
    Rename branch original-name to given name new-name.

  • git checkout -b test origin/test
    Git checkout remote branch

  • git reflog
    Reflog is a mechanism to record when the tip of branches are updated. This command is to manage the information recorded in it.


    1. 当前的working directory的git log如下图所示: git status
    2. 用户切换到commit 041f088去查看几天之前系统的某个功能,执行: git reset --hard 041f088
    3. 当前的working directory的git log如下图所示: git status
    4. 如果想切换回最新代码, 却发现已经不知道之前的HEAD的commit hash, 此时就可以使用git reflog命令来查看当前分支上的所有操作记录, 从中找到最新代码对应的commit hash: git statusgit reflog显示的操作记录来看,我们是从commit 4a56876 执行reset操作的,所以之前的HEAD是 4a56876, 执行git reset --hard 4a56876就可以切换回之前的代码.
  • git clean -f git clean -f -d
    Remove untracked file from working directory. If -d used, will remove untracked directories in addition to untracked files.
  • git add -p
    Interactively choose hunks of patch between the index and the work tree and add them to the index. This gives the user a chance to review the difference before adding modified contents to the index.