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Cucumber JVM

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Cucumber-JVM command line interface

Usage: java cucumber.api.cli.Main [options] [ [FILE|DIR][:LINE[:LINE]*] ]+


  • -g, –glue PATH Where glue code (step definitions and hooks) is loaded from.
  • -f, –format FORMAT[:PATH_OR_URL] How to format results. Goes to STDOUT unless PATH_OR_URL is specified. Available formats: junit, html, pretty, progress, json, json-pretty.
  • -t, –tags TAG_EXPRESSION Only run scenarios tagged with tags matching TAG_EXPRESSION.
  • -n, –name REGEXP Only run scenarios whose names match REGEXP.
  • -d, –[no-]-dry-run Skip execution of glue code.
  • -m, –[no-]-monochrome Don’t colour terminal output.
  • -s, –[no-]-strict Treat undefined and pending steps as errors.
  • --dotcucumber PATH_OR_URL Where to write out runtime information. PATH_OR_URL can be a file system path or a URL.
  • -v, –version Print version.
  • -h, –help You’re looking at it.

IDE support

Be able to run *.feature files directly without any configuration in IntelliJ, you should put feature files as the same package structure as glue code.


–src –test